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Maximum number of products for consumption under the license

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Recurring annual fee
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Maximum number of Products for consumption under the License
Connection Fee License Fee Product Price
per Product issued and signed
Overage Price
per Product issued and signed*
5,000 not applicable EUR 1,500 EUR 0.10 EUR 0.50
7,500 not applicable EUR 2,150 EUR 0.10 EUR 0.50
10,000 not applicable EUR 2,800 EUR 0.10 EUR 0.50
15,000 not applicable EUR 4,000 EUR 0.10 EUR 0.50
20,000 not applicable EUR 4,975 EUR 0.10 EUR 0.50
50,000 not applicable EUR 12,000 EUR 0.10 EUR 0.50
100,000 not applicable EUR 20,000 EUR 0.10 EUR 0.50
Over 100,000 not applicable upon request upon request EUR 0.50

*The Overage Price shall only apply for Products purchased during the remainder of a Usage Term once the maximum volume of a Package has been used up.

You will receive a credit for the unused months from your previous package. The contract period renews to 12 months.