Virtuell und vor Ort: auf dem Deutschen Logistik-Kongress.
SOVEREIGN und cloudbasierte Transparenz in der Aircargo Supply Chain
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12/01/2021 has teamed up with what3words to improve temperature-sensitive last-mile logistics
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Material- und Informationsflüsse effizient managen: So bekommen Sie die Supply Chain in den Griff
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Personalie: Von Lufthansa zu Lobster - Niko Hossain wird Sprecher der Geschäftsführung bei Lobster Logistics Cloud.
Lobster Logistics Cloud – das neue Portal im Lobster Portfolio
Logistics Data Cloud auf dem Deutschen Logistik-Kongress: Supply Chain ohne Medienbrüche
Die Logistics Data Cloud - Lobster-Tochter lanciert neutrale Supply-Chain-Plattform
Lufthansa Cargo, presented the "Logistics Data Cloud" concept, which aims at a more broader level of integration between the air cargo service providers and the end customers for enhanced visibility and transparency in the air cargo supply chain.
Michael Reisenberg of Lufthansa Cargo explores enhancing visibility and trustworthiness of the air cargo supply chain with Logistics Data Cloud (LDC)
"He is particularly keen on the idea of a data cloud where all participants in the transport chain are able to put their data into a single location."
Ziel sei die Bereitstellung der Daten in einer sogenannten Logistics Data Cloud. Alle berechtigten Akteure entlang der Logistikkette könnten hier auf vorhandene Daten und gescannte Dokumente zugreifen und die Datensilos würden verbunden.
Air-freight forwarders move forward into a digital future
"Starting communities one at a time is a good approach because then everyone works on developing a data cloud and they are open minded about keeping it inter-operable with other data clouds."
Dr. Jan Wilhelm Breithaupt, Lufthansa Cargo, zur Digitalisierung der Air Cargo Industrie
The availability of data – possibly stored in data clouds for access from all parties involved in a shipment – will not only give operators more detailed insights, but should also help them with forward-looking measures.
"The industry should ultimately move to having a data cloud or central data storage where data is not being transmitted step by step but is created once at the very beginning and then just being updated."
"Cargo Evolution" is the new keyword. [...] An encrypted 'Logistics Data Cloud' will be implemented accessible by all LHC clients for exchanging information.