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tiramizoo Last Mile Master

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tiramizoo GmbH

Product overview

Tiramizoo´s Last Mile Master is a cloud-based TMS designed for the special requirements of the last mile.

Tiramizoo´s Last Mile Master covers all aspects of last mile logistics. It reliefs dispatchers from routine work, optimizes routes and improves customer services.


  • The Last Mile Master is highly customizable and enables customers to automate and optimize their processes of local transports.
  • From order management, optimization of fleet-usage, to ETA-calculations to recipient-communication and return logistics.

Product features

Optimizing the transport management for the last mile

Full-fledged coverage of the last mile

The Tiramizoo Last Mile Master captures all aspects beginning from order management, fleet & driver management to finally driver-app and recipient-communication.

Scalable & dynamic

The Tiramizoo Last Mile Master can operate daily changing amounts of deliveries and daily changing addresses. Also changing constraints like traffic, labor force availability etc. is considered.

Internationally applicable

The Tiramizoo Last Mile Master is agnostic in terms of map providers. It takes for each region the best fitting one.


With an SLA of nearly 100 % the Tiramizoo Last Mile Master offers on a daily basis the guaranty that even with high numbers of deliveries operations are not disturbed and our customer can fulfill his commitments.

Further questions?

Book a call with us! One hour of process analysis and a complete simulation of your last mile. No payment information required. Offer only for B2B customers with at least 25 orders per day. Just add this the product to the cart and submit the order.

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