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Stargo Stardox

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Turn your data into revenue

Stardox empowers businesses to optimize revenue and margins with AI and Machine Learning, extracting and analyzing shipping data in seconds

Transform Desktop

Transform your Freight Documents into Actionable Insights

Stardox is an AI-powered solution that fully automates procure­ment, sales, and operations in the freight, logistics, and supply chain industry, leveraging machine learning for complete automation.

Stardox: Elevating Collaboration in Logistics!

Utilize StarDox AI to boost KPIs, automate operations, and foster freight community collaboration, driving business growth and customer satisfaction

Collaboration in Logistics
Revenue-Boosting Solutions

Turning Data Challenges into Revenue-Boosting Solutions

Effortlessly collect, cleanse, and connect with Stardox Gen-Ai. Transform Freight logistics and Spply chain chaos into excellence, automating your processes

Solving the 20% Revenue Leak: Structured Data for Success!

The freight logistics and supply chain industry's data problem hampers automation, growth, and customer acquisition. Solving it through reliable, structured data is key to future success

Structured Data for Success
AI-Powered Pricing

Supercharge Your Growth with AI-Powered Pricing!

Stargo extracts, cleanses, and enriches data across the entire shipment lifecycle, regardless of format or source

How to select the right Stargo plan

Free your team up from handling an overwhelming number of emails and attachments manually, with the right Stargo plan. The StarDox Suite is a fully automated process that trans­forms your information into structured data in seconds. You will have real-time visibility to make informed, reliable, and agile decisions.

All plans include:

ERP Integration


Seamless integration among leading ERP systems

Fast Onboarding


No matter the size of your project, we're able to get you up and running in just a few weeks

Business Intelligence


Enable data-driven decisions to improve productivity and reduce costs

Mobile Compatibility


A remote working world requires mobile solutions to enable your team to do business from anywhere