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Scope Pre-Alert Inbound Interface (Month)

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For new customers of Scope interfaces, booking the Cloud Care Service is mandatory. Existing customers who have already booked the Cloud Care Service do not have to book it again for each additional Scope interface.

Pre-Alert Interface (inbound)

With the pre-alert interface to Scope, you can receive data from your agent and convert it to import shipments in Scope.


Using the inbound pre-alert interface, your agents can send you pre-alerts directly to Scope. After a successful check, they can be converted into import shipments (air or sea freight only).

Sending and receiving events related to this pre-alert is also possible.


  • The agent is configured in Scope as the recipient of the data.
  • In addition to the XML dataset, any existing PDF can be sent along.

Technical information

  • The interface can process updates, but not cancellations.
  • Pre-Alert can also be used to send documents from the agent to Scope.
  • A transmission path (email, SFTP) to logistics.cloud must be configured to send the data.

Scope Pre-Alert Inbound Interface