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Scope Accounting Interface (Month)

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For new customers of Scope interfaces, booking the Cloud Care Service is mandatory. Existing customers who have already booked the Cloud Care Service do not have to book it again for each additional Scope interface.

Accounting Interface

Regular data transfer to and from your accounting department


Transferring your outgoing and incoming documents to your accounting department on a regular basis. To monitor the utilization of customers' credit limits, open items and payments can be automatically imported from your accounting into Scope. Likewise, the dunning module in Scope can be used to create reminders and account statements.


The G/L account filter in Scope must be configured and the accounting system must be able to process the data from Scope automatically. In addition to the data, a document image can also be transferred.

Technical information

  • An interval for the transfer must be configured.
  • A transmission path (e-mail, SFTP) to logistics.cloud must be configured to send the data.
  • Open items and incoming payments are considered separate interfaces.

Scope Accounting Interface