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logistics.cloud SSO (Month)

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Add the SSO module to the logistics.cloud Core

  • Minimum subscription period is 3 months, thereafter can be cancelled monthly
  • With the logistics.cloud SSO module, the own user administration can be used to control access to logistics.cloud. This eliminates the need for duplicate user account maintenance, and users are logged in automatically if they have logged in to their own domain.
  • The system recognizes newly authorized users and automatically creates them in logistics.cloud and blocks users whose rights have been revoked.
  • A change from an admin group to a user group and vice versa is also automatically taken into account by logistics.cloud.
  • The SSO module allows the configuration of various identity providers such as Azure, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc. via the OAUTH2 protocol. It must be set up once and is then available for the users of the company in question.
  • Only bookable in the BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE editions

Please also note the information in the tab «Technical Prerequisites».

Core Addon

Requires the logistics.cloud Core