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logistics.cloud Proactive Alerts (Month)

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Add «Proactive Alerts» to the logistics.cloud Core

  • Minimum subscription period is 3 months, thereafter can be cancelled monthly

React to events with stored actions. Supported events are among others:

  • Masterairwaybill Create
  • Masterairwaybill Update
  • Shipment Add
  • Shipment Create
  • Shipment Trackingstatus
  • Shipment Update
  • Shipment Workingstatus

Actions supported include:

  • Export Airwaybill
  • Export Airwaybill Trackingstatus
  • Export Airwaybill Trackingstatus History
  • Export Shipment
  • Export Shipment Trackingstatus
  • Send Mail
  • Set Flag

Please also note the information in the tab «Technical Prerequisites».

Core Addon

Requires the logistics.cloud Core