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CarbonCare CO2 Licence BUSINESS (Year - API)

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Company turnover per year in EUR
Company turnover per year in EUR
Mandatory with first order

CarbonCare CO2 Licence BUSINESS (via API)

Licences for automated calculations of greenhouse gases for transport and logistics with data transfer via API/FTP/SMTP form the basis for the customer relationship with CarbonCare. In addition to free calculations for individual cargo shipments, CarbonCare offers attractive licences for shippers from trade and industry as well as for forwarders and other logistics service providers. eCommerce operators, Web stores and cloud platforms can also incorporate CarbonCare into their product range. Depending on requirements, an offline (via FTP) or an online (via API) licence can be used. The additional module «Data Storage and Analytics» enables detailed evaluations. Certification and compensation of greenhouse gases is possible with all options.

Licence BUSINESS compared

This product includes the BUSINESS licence, which is shown below in direct comparison to the other licence types.

CarbonCare - Comparison of licences


The licence price is payable annually based on the licencee's company turnover per year (EUR).

The costs for initial installation and testing are obligatory in the first year, but of course no longer apply in subsequent years.

More licence types

In addition to the BUSINESS licence offered here, we also offer the licences BASIC, NETWORK and FLEET.

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