Go digital

Take a decisive step towards the world of digital logistics today. And turn the Internet of Logistics into reality. We are now offering all Lobster_data customers the chance to connect directly to logistics.cloud via our API. Join the logistics.cloud network and drive the industry toward a digital future. It’s quick and easy. With us. With Lobster_data's technology for digitalising your supply chain processes.

What we will achieve together

  • We will connect the world of logistics
  • We will improve data exchange and data integration
  • We will help all supply chain partners access a wide range of solutions via one single platform

Go digital
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Your benefits?

As a Lobster_data user, you already have first-hand knowledge of just how easy, straight-forward and secure data integration is with Lobster. By connecting to logistics.cloud as a neutral platform, you can now enjoy even more latitude when exchanging data between logistics systems and platforms:


  • Connect to existing interfaces of market participants immediately
  • Generate significant cost savings of up to 90%


  • Achieve complete transparency across your entire supply chain


  • Access key technology for flexible integration of future and existing systems

Click here and connect

Installation guide

  • Download ZIP file it contains the profile as a .pak file
  • Import profile to Lobster_data
  • Open profile and enter name and email address in mapping Phase 3: target structure: specify field values as fixed values under "Credentials"
  • Test mapping with included test message "input_EN.json"
  • logistics.cloud API responds!
  • Looking for more information? Feel free to get in touch: hello@logistics.cloud