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We are revolutionizing road freight transportation.

Your transports will become more cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and attractive for truck drivers with our innovative transport system.

MANSIO is a software-based transport system for road haulage.

It is based on the principle of relay traffic: in the course of a transport, one truck hands over its semi-trailer to another truck.

Advantages with MANSIO solutions

Lower fixed costs

With the MANSIO transport system, trucks can be used very cost-effectively twice a day.

Fewer empty drives

Empty runs for return loads are no longer necessary. There is also no need to search for parking spaces.

Short transport times

On long-distance routes, MANSIO organizes relay transport. Trailers are handed over from truck to truck without the tour being interrupted for long periods.

Safe transports

The handover of trailers eliminates the need to park trailers and thus the risk of cargo theft.

Attractive working conditions

Truck drivers return home at the end of their shift with the MANSIO system.

A simple step towards electromobility

With MANSIO, trucks are used on short routes on which electric trucks can also operate.

The core of MANSIO’s relay system is a proprietary B2B software that supports transport companies during the entire process.

AI-based algorithm

(for dispatcher)

  • Low-touch onboarding
  • Browser-based or TMS-integrated
  • Inhouse or cross-company

Transport execution

(for trucks)

  • Your trailer or our pool-trailer
  • Realtime track and tracing
  • Yard and damage manage­ment

Financial clearing

(for accountants)

  • Automatic freight cost calculation
  • KPI dashboard
  • Integrable financial accounting




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