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Your Digital Supply Chain myleo / dsc

myleo / dsc is a unique platform for site and transport logistics. Using real-time data, the cloud software simplifies plant, supply and transport management in a single user-centric Process-as-a-Service solution. It connects producers, suppliers, warehouses, freight forwarders, and stores, creating a holistic supply chain network. myleo / dsc is a product of leoquantum GmbH.

Supplier Manage­ment

Seamlessly integrate your suppliers into your inbound management in the form of digital notifications.

Dock & Yard Management

Digitalize yard processes such as loading and unloading and manage them in real time.

Carrier Collaboration

Work directly with carriers on the basis of all transport-relevant infor­mation.

Real-Time Trans­portation Visibility

Create transparency with business process data, traffic data and trans­portation infor­mation.

Empties Management

Keep a digital record of your loading equipment and exchange activities with your partners in container accounts.

Intuitive and complete Yard

Get an overview of all processes, resources and capacities on the premises. With myleo / dsc, you can simplify and optimize your yard logistics and handle incoming and outgoing transports via contactless self-check-in and check-out. Avoid waiting times in front of loading gates and create transparent and synchronized traffic and material flows.

Maximum transparency Inbound Management

Whether all processes run smoothly within the factory gates is decided well in advance. Seamlessly integrate your suppliers into your inbound management with the help of digital notification. Create transparency and efficiency in delivery management and monitor all steps in your supply chain right up to receipt of the goods.

Perfect teamwork Supply Chain Collaboration

When do which goods arrive? In addition to goods, information also flows in the supply chain. Having the right data in the right place at the right time is crucial. Process freight orders from your ERP or TMS transparently and consistently with all parties involved, such as logistics service providers. Holistic supply chain monitoring enables you to identify delays (ETA) and take countermeasures if necessary.




Supply Chain Management

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