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KRONE Trailer
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KRONE Trailer

KRONE 3D Telematics

Any time and anywhere

KRONE's award-winning 3D telematics is the next evolutionary step in trailer telematics. Starting with the first dimension, KRONE offers high precision through its advanced telematics hardware and telematics portal. This allows customers to see exactly where their vehicles are. KRONE, a trailer manufacturer with years of expertise, offers a virtual twin of the trailer with all relevant data to support customers in their daily operations.

The second dimension of telematics includes the connection of all relevant sensors, including door locks, temperature sensors, EBS, TPMS and communication for the cooling unit. This allows transport managers to respond quickly and gives fleet managers access to the information they need to plan maintenance and repair work.

The most revolutionary aspect of Krone's telematics solution is its third dimension, Smart Capacity Management. KRONE uses cameras to provide transparency into the trailer's black box and employs artificial intelligence to visualise available capacities. This is a groundbreaking development in telematics, which provides customers with insight into their trailer and allows them to optimise its use.

1D functions

Position monitoring

2D functions

Door monitoring

Temperature monitoring

Coupling status

Integrated temperature recorder

Remote control

Tank display

Door Protect

3D functions

Smart Capacity Management



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