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Collaborative Climate Action

Connect and collaborate with your suppliers to collect real-time Scope 1 / 3 carbon emissions for your transport operations and assess compliance through the unique AI powered rating system.

Collaborate internally cross functional with procurement, supplier management and sustainability teams by simplifying reporting through data sharing and by gaining actionable insights on hot spots to reduce climate impact of Supply Chains.


Get the visibility you need

The intuitive and easy to use gryn User Interface delivers instant visibility with all relevant KPI‘s on your carbon emissions across all Mode of Transport, Business Units and Logistics Service Providers.

Simply share your carbon footprint by inviting unlimited number of users, export the data or interface via API with your Sustainability Management System, BI solution or Procurement Platform.


Good decisions require high quality data

gryn is a collaboration platform as data space to share, assess, score and rate carbon emissions from Logistics Service Providers to obtain consistent, standardized, trustworthy and compliant data sets for Scope 1 / 3 reporting. gryn verifies the accuracy of data sets provided and validates against applicable frameworks and regulations to deliver data and supplier scoring.

Shipper and supplier get the same actionable insights to continuously improve data accuracy and to start and proof decarbonization measures. Together.

Only with high quality data you can take high quality strategical decisions for your supply chain.


Be consistent and compliant with confi­dence

gryn is built to comply with leading methodologies, regulations and international accounting standards.

We combine our unique technique of data assessment, sustainability survey and validation rules to create visibility on your carbon emissions, so that Scope 3 data can be shared for reporting with confidence in full compliance.

Our mission are AI based audits to certify reasonable assurance of carbon emissions.

Tools and standards

You can‘t manage, what you can‘t measure

Get a real time view of your supply chain emissions. We help you to identify emission hot spots and set reduction targets to prioritize climate action together with your suppliers.

The AI based gryn recommendation engine delivers actionable insights by suggesting greenest options to reduce and avoid carbon emissions.

Take informed decisions based on relevance, cost and climate impact.





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