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Transport Management System für urbane Logistik | tiramizoo

tiramizoo GmbH, founded in 2010, is the leading tech-provider for urban logistics.

Our solutions caters to the optimization of both last mile delivery and people logistics.

Our customer base comprises of international wholesalers & retailers, ERP-, TMS- and Telematics-providers and public transportation companies.

tiramizoo is headquartered in Munich with offices in Poland, Austria, Singapore and Malaysia.

Products for optimizing deliveries and task management

    1. Do you want to optimize multi-stop single routes for your last mile delivery or daily appointments?
    2. Download today without registration.
    Collect & Deliver App
    1. Do you want to optimize multi-stop multi-vehicle routes for your last mile delivery or daily appointments?
    2. Get started today without any installation required.
    1. Integrate tiramizoo route optimization module to your existing IT system
    2. Request our easy-to-understand API description.
    Route Optimizer
    1. Be in total control of your last mile delivery and gain real time visibility.
    2. The perfect solution for high volume and large fleets.
    Last Mile Master
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Calculation software / Contract and billing management
CO2 (Analysis / Calculation / Compensation)
Forwarding software / Transport
Resource, capacity and workforce planning
Supply Chain Management
Telematics / Localization / Fleet management

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