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Managing Transports Together


ZeKju enables carrier, freight forwarders and shippers to communicate digitally.

Its strength is its simplicity. Neither drivers nor dispatchers need to install new software.

Software-free Transport Management

Most road freight companies cannot afford a lengthy Transport Management System (TMS) implementation.

ZeKju has developed an intuitive TMS that covers all key functions such as driver and fleet management, transport steering and transport communication. The system is cloud based and accessible via any web browser.


  • Tailored to the requirements of small- and mid-sized road freight companies
  • Simple and transparent subcontractor management
  • Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less Than Truckload (LTL) transports supported
  • No TMS license costs – ZeKju only charges for communication services

Messenger-based driver communication

Successful road freight operations require well-functioning communication.

ZeKju enables drivers and dispatchers to communicate with digitally on a transport-by-transport basis. Drivers do not need to install a new app. Instead, they can choose their messenger service of choice. ZeKju supports all popular messengers such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber.


  • No new driver apps – instead, use of popular messenger services
  • Value-added services such as automatic translation
  • Dispatchers can communicate with drivers directly through ZeKju’s free TMS
  • Zekju is easy to integrate with common logistics software via APIs

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Single-use communication

The spot market is particularly challenging with regards to communication.

Due to the short-term nature of the spot market, hurdles to communication between customer, contractor and driver must be reduced as much as possible.

ZeKju’s single-use communication allows all stakeholders of a transport to start digital communication with a few clicks.

The solution is highly flexible and can be embedded into subcontractor management portals.


  • No registration required
  • High data privacy and data security standards
  • Seamless integration into marketplaces and subcontractor portals

Plug n’ play truck visibility

Trucks are an invaluable source of data for road freight companies. Harvesting this data allows for a step change in automation and decision support.

ZeKju has develop a "plug n’ play" solution that allows to transmit mission-critical data such as geo-location, steering time, axle load and driving behavior in real time from the truck.

Given its simplicity and the exclusive use of CE-certified equipment, the solution can be installed by any driver without the need for costly professional installment services.


  • Compatible with any truck equipped with a digital tachograph
  • Unlocking significant automation potential
  • No fixed installment – equipment can be swapped between trucks




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