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Communication with truck drivers and visibility of transports are essential for successful road transport. That's exactly what ZeKju is all about.

With ZeKju, truck drivers and dispatchers can share information without having to install new apps or other software.

Driver Communication made easy:

ZeKju enables digital communi­cation in the simplest way. Instead of having to install new apps, drivers can use their favorite messenger (e.g. WhatsApp, Telegram). Drivers and dispatchers benefit from automated workflows, real-time translations, and a paperless document transfer, among other benefits.

Status Updates and Geo-Tracking:

Creating visibility over transport status and location is key. With ZeKju it is easy to get status messages and geolocations of transports. A special focus is placed on creating transparency in the complex and short-lived spot market.

Customer Centricity and Ease-of-Use take first priority:

With many digital solutions, getting started is quite complicated for the user - not so with ZeKju. Drivers simply choose their favorite messenger and get started. All communi­cation is translated into the driver's native language. The messages are short and easy to understand.

Data Protection is paramount:

ZeKju is data protection compliant. Since all communi­cation is strictly transport-centric, no personal data will be shared with third parties. Carriers and drivers appreciate that visibility is strictly limited to the duration of a transport.

ZeKju Smartphone
ZeKju Smartphone

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