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AI-Driven Regulatory Compliance

Utilize digital technologies to create a smarter environment

Companies in the process industries are increasingly faced with the responsibility of ensuring the sustainability and safety of their entire supply chain.

Prevent exponential growth of regulatory and compliance efforts for your products

Demand on regulation is growing rapidely and in the same time your portfolio needs to become more diverse. Digital technologies can help you to handle the growing workload and in the same time turn your regulatory data into digital assets. Products learn to speak and your service quality becoming more powerful.

To realize an efficient and safe supply chain, it is crucial to have all important product information at hand and available at any time. With SAIFTY, you have all important information in one place. An intelligent software interface allows you to connect everything with everything.

SAIFTY Combines Many Options in One Solution

SAIFTY supports every step of data management. It provides interfaces to existing SAP systems, offers an easy way to create new safety data sheets, and offers a wide range of process automation options.

Reduce Time &
Raise Quality


Time Savings


Personalized Compliance Information


Time Reduction For Regulatory Reporting

Up to 97%

Process Automation


Allow Your Employees To Automate Recurring Tasks

Utilize Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Low-Code to Digitalize Your Organization

SAIFTY is offering a tailor-made platform for process automation that provides a low-code environment to easily create own process templates that help to automate recurring activities like data management, text extraction. In the same time more complex simulations can be created to search for substitutes and alternative recipes.

Ready to Use Process Templates

Utilize pre-defined processes to start automating your processes. Our processes help you extract relevant information from unstructured text like SDS-documents or biozide information. We also support communication along the global supply chain and fulfill major regulatory requirements.

Scale your Platform

Define and test processes and scale your processes to hundreds or thousands of executions in a second, minute, hour or day. Monitor the activity, interact with data if required, and establish approval processes.

Connect to your Existing Infrastructure

Support your existing processes and connect ROBOTS to your organization's existing interfaces. Automatically load data from, for example, SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce. Turn your data into industry standards.




Compliance Management
Data Warehouse / Reporting / BI
Mobile data acquisition, Barcodes, RFID
Security / Data protection
Supply Chain Management

Mode of transport

Inland waterways