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Reduce Emissions

CarbonCare - Reduce Emissions

Global CO2 Calculator for Transport and Logistics
(ISO 14083:2023 & GLEC)

Validated online CO2 Emissions Calculator for all modes of transport with worldwide coverage (rail, inland waterways and ocean-going shipping, ferries, aviation, road) as well as for goods handling and cold chains. The attractive price-performance ratio, combined with global coverage and a broadly based database, make this CO2 calculator a real champion. CarbonCare supports industry, trade and transport and logistics service providers in managing their efforts to protect the climate. The basics of the calculator were developed in a 5-year study with the participation of the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich and the responsible Swiss federal authorities.

Attractive Products and Licences

In addition to free individual calculations, CarbonCare offers an offline (BASIC-FTP) and an online license (BUSINESS API). With the additional option «Analytics», detailed evaluations can be carried out. Furthermore, with the "FLEET" option, transport companies can calculate the CO2 values of their own fleets according to their consumption and have them incorporated into the CarbonCare database as a basis for calculations of their transports. Web shops and cloud platforms can also integrate CarbonCare calculations into their programs.

CarbonCare also organizes climate protection projects, for example in cooperation with the "myclimate" foundation, and annually issues an emissions overview with a certificate for customers, which confirms their efforts to protect the climate.

Official Calculation Standard ISO14083:2023

Based on the new and globally recognized ISO standard 14083:2023 and GLEC (Global Logistics Emission Council), the program calculates the greenhouse gases comprehensively and globally for transport and logistics. The calculations are based on more than 14 million effective and realistic measured values, which are regularly updated and provide well-founded results. Weight, distance and means of transport form the basis of every calculation.

Worldwide for all Means of Transport

CarbonCare carries out calculations of pollutant emissions for all types of freight transport, logistics chains and handling at terminals in all countries and continents worldwide. The available transport categories are:

  • Passenger and Cargo Aircraft (AIR)
  • Trucks and delivery vehicles (ROAD)
  • Container and other seagoing vessels (SEA)
  • Inland waterways vessels (IWW)
  • Freight wagons and trains (RAIL)
  • Ferries (FERRY)
  • Cargo Terminal (HUB)

Of course, calculations for multimodal transports can be made over several sections. In addition, emissions from cooled transports can also be calculated.

Validated by the accredited certification company SGS

The standards, calculation methods and emission factors used in the GHG calculator are based on the ISO standard 14083:2023. The conformity with this standard and the accuracy of the calculated values regarding distances and routes, as well as the correct application of the emission factors for the different modes of transport, have been analyzed and validated by specialists from SGS Tecnos S.A.




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