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120 West 3rd Avenue, Apartment Suite 303
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We’re Frontline Dynamics, and we’re developing cutting edge solutions for the air cargo industry. Our technology has already been recognized by market leaders and our scalable business model is setting the trend in the industry for digitizing the cargo operations.

Sustainable Air Cargo Operation

We envision green air cargo operation going beyond just being green. We envision operation where productivity, process efficiencies and costs are no longer a key performance indicator but way of working. For us a sustainable air cargo operation product means creation of healthy network of solutions digitizing a $300 billion air cargo industry from the moment the shipper has a product to ship, through the logistic movement and the settlement between all the parties after the cargo has been delivered to the end customer.

Frontline Dynamics was founded by frontline professionals. Our solutions aims to solve the pain points we have lived through over the years - long waiting lines, manual data entry, lack of transparency, unpredictable customer experience, many paper documents, isolated solutions etc.. We created a product that we would use ourselves.

Share data, save time and reduce transaction cost

We developed a cloud-based collaboration platform bringing the experience for the key participants in the air cargo logistics chain in the 21st century introducing a fully digital environment. Our product - TRYPOD - is connecting the Forwarder, the Trucking Company and the Airline or the Ground Handler. It creates a digital import and export process where all data is stored in a secured digital record, communication is instant, status updates are based on real time events. TRYPOD is our core product and serves as basis for expansion to other parts of the logistics chain.

"Cargo First" workflow

At the core, we are cargo guys that have frontline experience in managing cargo operations for air carriers and forwarders. We think and design like cargo guys to solve cargo problems. The fact that we are also accomplished software engineers, helps. The air freight industry is highly regulated and yet, the entry and exit points (front counter and warehouse docks) are often managed by entry level employees that need to work through several different systems and reference material in order to process a shipment. We have designed a solution to completely eradicate this problem.





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