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Lobster Logistics Cloud GmbH
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Neutral Data Platform.

Seamless data interchange between logistics systems and platforms.

Your advantages at a glance:

#1 Efficieny

  • Cost savings of up to 90% thanks to one single connection instead of a multitude of bilateral connections
  • Considerable savings when it comes to maintenance and switching costs
  • Tried-and-tested cloud technology: ready to go in < 1 day

#2 Transparency

  • Complete transparency of all processes along the supply chain through integration of planning, status and sensor data
  • Prevention of manual data errors
  • Proactive information on delays relating to management and adjustment of delivery processes

#3 Flexibility

  • Easy and quick connection to future-oriented technologies and innovations
  • Flexible und transparent pricing structures without long-term contractual commitment
  • One key technology for integrating available solutions

Cut through the complex.

With one single solution: logistics.cloud

A neutral platform for all supply chain partners

Highly scalable – our architecture.

Standardised interface & 2-fold decoupled API. Secure & future-proof.

2-fold decoupled API

High Data Standards – at all levels.

Save. Use. Back up. Delete.

#1 Data Hosting

  • Data encrypted and hosted in Germany in accordance with EU legislation
  • ISO-certified data centres
  • Data storage in separate availability zones with multi-zoned databases
  • No provider-dependant public cloud services
Data Hosting

#2 Data Security

  • Data security tested regularly by external bodies with the same level of security as banks, insurance companies and governments
  • Multi-layer testing using a range of techniques incl. penetration test, audits and red teaming
  • An innovative DMZ communication
Data Securit

Data Ownership

  • Data ownership stays with the originator of the data
  • All data changes are stored and logged for audit purposes
  • After a fixed period, the collected data is deleted
Data Ownership




Supply Chain Management

Mode of transport

Inland waterways