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Cybersecurity & Availability of Operational Technology Networks

Rhebo provides dedicated solutions to detect any cyberattacks, manipulation and technical error states within operational technology (OT) networks. This enables industrial companies as well as Critical Infrastructure to holistically secure their industrial automated networks. The next generation Intrusion Detection System (IDS) combines OT monitoring, intrusion and threat detection to identify and report known and unknown attack patterns otherwise overlooked by classic firewalls and IDS (see MITRE ATT&CK ICS matrix below). This includes, amongst others:

  • novel attack frameworks (e.g., exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities);
  • malicious activities via authorized channels (e.g., remote access points and administrator accounts);
  • changes within the OT and Industrial Control System (ICS) (e.g., after spillover or successful network penetration. The latter includes network activities, adversaries use to evade detection, persist and escalate access as well as move laterally);
  • industry-specific attacks (e.g., using industry protocols).
Attack Phases & Techniques in OT

OT security engineers will be immediately informed of any changes in their OT. The Rhebo solution works in a passive and non-disruptive way. It does not actively intervene in the operations so as not to disrupt time-sensitive industrial processes. Those responsible receive all the necessary information on the location and characteristics of the suspicious incident in real time so they can immediately assess and implement appropriate countermeasures.

OT Security In Three Steps

OT Risk Analysis

Step 1
OT Risk Analysis


Understand the structure and risks of your operational technology and gain full OT visibility

  • Identify and document assets and their communication structures within the OT in detail within a few days;
  • Identify and localize threats, vulnerabilities and error states in the OT network;
  • Assess risks and threats;
  • Coordinate mitigation measures.
OT Security Monitoring

Step 2
OT Security Monitoring


Implement continuous Intrusion & Threat Detection in your OT

  • Detect, localize and analyze, evaluate and document anomalies in communication behavior in real time;
  • Define mitigation measures;
  • Check the effectiveness of security measures (e.g. firewall settings, authorization management or segmentation).
Managed OT Protection

Step 3
Managed OT Protection


Get professional support to mitigate anomalies quickly and to prevent damage

  • Use technical, operational support from network experts;
  • Conduct forensic analysis of critical incidents and coordinate mitigation measures;
  • Profit from regular cyber event reviews.

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Rhebo Industrial Protector

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About Rhebo

Rhebo provides simple and effective cybersecurity solutions for Operational Technology and distributed industrial assets for the energy sector, critical infrastructure and manufacturing. The company supports customers with OT security from the initial risk analysis to managed OT monitoring with intrusion & anomaly detection. Since 2021, Rhebo is part of the Landis+Gyr AG, a leading global provider of integrated energy management solutions for the energy industry with around 5,000 employees in over 30 countries worldwide.

Rhebo is a partner of the Alliance for Cyber Security of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as well as the Teletrust - IT Security Association Germany. The company was awarded the »IT Security Made in Germany« and »Cybersecurity Made In Europe« labels for its strict data protection and data security policies.





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